AstraZeneca Nexium Class Action Lawsuit Certified
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AstraZeneca Nexium Class Action Lawsuit Certified

By Kimberly Mirando


NexiumA federal court has certified a class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals that alleges it deceptively marketed its heartburn relief drug Nexium as superior to its other medicine Prilosec in order to get consumers to purchase the more expensive Nexium. The court has ruled that the class action lawsuit can proceed on behalf of certain people who purchased Nexium in the past 10 years.


According to the Nexium class action lawsuit, entitled Commonwealth Care Alliance v. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals L.P., AstraZeneca violated a Massachusetts state law by deceptively marketing the prescription drug Nexium as superior to Prilosec or its generic version, omeprazole. The class action lawsuit claims that AstraZeneca did this to convert the market to Nexium before Prilosec lost patent protection and became available in cheaper generic omeprazole or over-the-counter form. The class action further claims that AstraZeneca's deceptive marketing has misled doctors to prescribe Nexium under the mistaken belief that it was superior to Prilosec.


The AstraZeneca Nexium class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all purchasers of Nexium in Massachusetts who purchased Nexium between March 2001 and the present, including third-party payors, cash payors, and those making co-payments. It is seeking damages for Class Members to restore to them all overpayments they made as a result of purchasing Nexium when they could have purchased the less expensive and equally effective Prilosec.


No class action settlement has been reached in the Nexium class action lawsuit yet, but Class Members will automatically receive settlement benefits if one is reached. You can find more information about your rights in the AstraZeneca Nexium Class Action Lawsuit at



Updated August 15th, 2011


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