Chantix Side Effect Settlements More than $125,000
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Chantix Side Effect Settlements More than $125,000

By John Curran


Chantix lawsuit settlementAs Pfizer Pharmaceutical tries to wind down the more than 2,500 lawsuits regarding Chantix side effects, it is choosing to settle with a majority of plaintiffs. According to recent reports, the company has already agreed to pay out $273 million to 80 percent of the claimants, or roughly 2,100 victims.

Running the numbers, that means that Chantix lawsuit attorneys have garnered an average of $125,000 for each of their clients. Note that the settlement amounts will vary based on the cases filed. For example, a Chantix wrongful death lawsuit such as those from the earliest settlements will net more than one damages award for a victim of Chantix depression side effects. Still, the average amount is a good target for men and women who took the smoking cessation aid and developed mental health problems and other side effects.

The fact that the majority of cases are being settled is good news for Chantix side effect victims and it does not mean that they need to worry that their claim no longer matters. Pfizer is merely setting a precedent for how it will handle cases regarding a dangerous drug. The FDA required a black box warning due to the sheer number of reports leading to Chantix wrongful death claims as well as suicide attempts.

Numbers regarding similar drugs bear out the claims that the company brought a dangerous drug to market. In the first year that Chantix was on the market, there was the same number of adverse effects reported to the FDA regarding Chantix depression as there were for Zyban and Wellbutrin over the previous 10 years. Considering that the latter two are also prescribed widely for depression and related mental health problems, the disparity is significant, although many plaintiffs argued that Pfizer did little to indicate the risks when it aggressively marketed the drug.

New plaintiffs won't be kept out of Chantix lawsuit settlement talks, as noted above, so people who have dealt with mental health problems as a result of taking the smoking cessation drug should still consider filing a claim if they want to. Get a free consultation with a Chantix lawsuit attorney to establish one's eligibility at the Chantix Suicide, Heart Attack, Suicide Attempt & Stevens Johnson Syndrome Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation. It costs nothing but could be the first step in getting money for paying medical bills and offsetting any lost wages.


Updated March 21st, 2013


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