Remaining Chantix Side Effects Claims Go to Mediation
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Remaining Chantix Side Effects Claims Go to Mediation

By John Curran


Chantix lawsuit mediationAccording to reports, Pfizer Inc. has set aside over $270 million to settle more than 2,000 Chantix side effects cases. Judge Inge Johnson, who is presiding over the Chantix lawsuit MDL, has ordered a mediator to help the remaining several hundred plaintiffs settle their claims.

There are about 2,160 cases that were settled with the pharmaceutical giant, which means that the average settlement was roughly $120,000. Pfizer is expecting that the remaining plaintiffs will receive about the same amount for those who say they dealt with depression, suicidal thoughts and other Chantix side effects, for a total of $15 million. The final amount the company will pay in Chantix settlements may be higher than this, however, depending on how the mediation process goes.

Some lawsuit plaintiffs may not agree to settle if they’re offered a deal that doesn’t fairly compensate their individual injuries. In a case as large as this, someone who has dealt with depression might receive a different payout than one who alleges Chantix suicide attempt side effects. It’s also possible that those with less dangerous disorders caused by the smoking cessation drug will choose not to settle because the money offered does not accurately match their medical bills and loss of quality of life.

In that case, do not expect the mediator to find a quick resolution to work between Pfizer and Chantix lawsuit lawyers. That would end up being a good thing for plaintiffs, as well as those who may be considering filing their own lawsuit. While a settlement does not imply any wrongdoing unless specifically stipulated, the drug maker clearly understands that going to trial is not worth the risk.

Judge Johnston set a deadline of April 2 for the mediator to report the results of the initial settlement negotiations. It is expected that further negotiation with the mediator would occur the following week.

While these developments are a strong sign that some sort of monetary award will be available to Chantix suicide attempt side effects victims, getting competent legal representation is important in obtaining the maximum amount. Get a free consultation with a Chantix injury lawyer at the Chantix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation. It costs nothing and can help a victim to understand whether or not they can file an eligible claim against Pfizer because of the smoking cessation drug.

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Updated April 2nd, 2013


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